Homam Benifits

Find out pooja benefits, procedure and more


Gayathri Homam

  • Free us from all effects of our previous Births and Karma.
  • Deliver from sudden bad effects caused to health and wealth due to our Karma.
  • Straighten all relationships.
  • Protect us from social up heavels.
  • Attain and successed our longly goals.
  • Put an end to our negative face.

Durga Homam

  • Freedom from ill effects caused by evil.
  • Remove sadness caused by enemy forces.
  • Freedom from ill effects of poison, theft etc.
  • Will give good health, wealth, long life and sound body.
  • Freedom from fear, danger and Graha Dosham’s.

Maha Ganapathi Homam

  • Barriers in the path of mind , body and soul will he removed.
  • Will remove all obstacles in health, wealth and education and give Lord Vigneshvara’s blessings.
  • This Homam is performed first before performing any other Homam.
  • Harmony in family and success in life.

Rudhra Homam

  • Removes negative forces and gives victory / success.
  • This Homam is to be performed every Shiva Rathri to celebrate victory and divine power.
  • Help to give a good and happy after life.

Shastiabtha Poorthi Homam

  • Help to defend our elves from the evils caused by planetary Dosha’s.
  • Harmonize the husband wife relationship.
  • Will help the couple to attain godly deals and to realize god.

Lakshmi Narayan Homam

  • To get profit from the business/profession and career
  • To lead a successful life.
  • To lead a luxurious life
  • To come out of evil things and to lead a luxurious life

Dhanvanthri Homam

  • Will cure all illnesses, which even doctors cannot cure.
  • Will give freedom from long-term illnesses.

Ayushya Homam

  • Performed for a child’s first birthday to give the child long healthy life.
  • Will give a strong body devoid of ill health.
  • Will also dispel all dosha’s in the child’s life due to stars and thithi’s.
  • Will cure long term or chromic ill health which cannot he cured by medicines.

Miruthyancha Homam

  • Performed to praise lord Shiva, will also prevent untimely death.
  • Long life.
  • Rid of all long term ill health and give a healthy life.

Aishwarya Homam

  • Performed to give growth in wealth and riches.
  • Fame, Vehicles, Mental strength, godly thoughts etc will come.

Kanakadhara Homam

  • Chanting the stotram will make a pauper into a wealthy person.
  • Give all verities of wealth and growth.
  • Will help focus all the good qualities of the person to good and give success in all.

Mangala Samaskarna / Purushasuktha Homam

  • Growth in family and children.
  • Victory in all endavours.
  • This Homam is offered to Lord Mahavishnu.
  • Freedom from all.

Lakshmi Homam

  • Will remove all obstacles and growth in wealth.
  • Will give all round growth and give the blessings of the lord of Homam.
  • Will give all wealth, long pending and outstanding incomes, will help to recover lost wealth.

Vidhya Homam

  • Improve studies and education.
  • Sharpen intellect and gnanam.
  • Focused thoughts and good memory.
  • Higher educational opportunities.
  • Good business growth.

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