Ganapati Upanishad

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Ganapati Upanishad - Are you suffering from constant obstacles and hardships? If so, then try to worship Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi.Ruler Ganapati is the most well known Deity among the Hindus. No Pooja or religious customs or so far as that is concerned no day by day movement in any Hindu family unit begins without first venerating Ganapati. Ganapati love is as old as Hinduism itself. The purpose behind this normal type of supplication isn't far to look for

  • • Om! O Devas, may we hear with our ears what is favorable
  • • May we see with our eyes what is promising, O ye deserving of love!
  • • May we appreciate the term of life dispensed by the Devas,
  • • Applauding them with our body and appendages consistent!
  • • May the eminent Indra favor us!
  • • May the infinitely knowledgeable Sun favor us!
  • • May Garuda, the thunderbolt for shrewd, favor us!

You make this world. You keep up this world. This world is found in you. You are earth, water, air, fire, ether. You are past the four measures of discourse. You are past the three gunas. You are past the three bodies. You are past the three times. You are constantly arranged in the muladhara. You are the being of the three Saktis. You are constantly thought about by yogins. You are Brahma, you are Visnu, you are Rudra, you are Agni, you are Vayu, you are the sun, you are the moon, you are Brahma, bhur-bhuvah-svar.Ganapati Upanishad - Book Homam and Pooja services online for your personal problem/Issues.


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