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The Ganapati Atharva Sheersha homam Pooja is considered as one of the most important ... Atharva Sheersha Shodasha Ganapathi Homam/Maha Pooja.(Ganapathi atharva seersha is a piece of Atharvana Veda. It is named an Upanishad and not as a serenade. Be that as it may, this is viewed as all around as the best and best supplication routed to Ganesa.I have utilized a little book let giving importance of this awesome petition distributed by Om designs and furthermore review and significance given in Audarya partnership and Mathra on line. This is additionally called Gana Upanishad or Ganapthi Seersha Upanishad,)

Dharma Raja got Akshaya patra by adoring Lord Surya and he used to engage his visitors with this desire yielding dish.

"Dinesam Sukhardham" It is expressed in Skanda purana that one needs to appeal to Surya Bhagavan for bliss and welfare. The Samba purana pronounced that Samba the child of Jambavati could get himself cured of his sickness by revering Lord Surya.Ganapati Atharva Sheersha Homam - Book Homam and Pooja services online for your personal problem/Issues.

OM Namasthe Ganapathaye

Thwameva prathyaksham thathwamasi

Thwameva kevalam karthasi.

Thwameva kevalam Dharthasi

Thwameva Kevalam Harthasi

My Salutations to the Lord of Ganas

You are the immediate experience of you as me

You are just the practitioner of all works, (maker)

You are just the conveyor of all weights, (one who cares for)

You are just the person who destroys(destroyer)

Thwameva sarvam khalvidam brahmasi

Thwam sakshath athmasi nithyam.

You are the preeminent God, who prevails,

Also, you are the genuine enduring soul.

Hritham Vachmi. Sathyam Vachmi.

Talk what makes a difference,

Talk just truth.


Om Bhadhram Karnebhi: Srunuyaama Dhevaa,

Bhadhram Pasyema-Akshibhir Yajathraa,

Sthirair Amgais Thushtuvaagum Sasthanoobhi,

Vyasema Dhevahitham Yadhaayu

Swasthina Indhro Vrudhdha Sravaa,

Swasthina Poosha Viswa Vedhaa,

Swasthinas Tharkshyo Arishtanemi,

Swasthino Brihaspathir Dhadhaathu,

Om Saanthi:
Om Namasthe Ganapathaye, Thvameva Prathyaksham Thathvam Asi, Thvameva Kevalam Karthaasi, Thvameva Kevalam Dharthaasi, Thvameva Kevalam Harthaasi, Thvameva Sarvam Khalvidham Brahmaasi, Thvam Sakshaadh Aathmaasi Nithyam, Ritham Vachmi, Sathyam Vachmi, Ava Thvam Maam, Ava Vakthaaram, Ava Srothaaram, Ava Dhaatharam, Ava Dhdhaatharam, Avaan Oochaan Ava Sishyam, Ava Paschaa Ththaath, Ava Purasthaa Ththaath, Avoththaraa Ththath, Ava Dhakshinaa Ththaath, Ava Chordhvaa Ththaath, Ava Adharaa Ththaath, Sarvatho Maam Paahi, Paahi Samanthaath.
Thvam Vaangmayas Thvam Chinmaya:, Thvam Aanandamayas Thvam Brahma Maya:, Thvam Satchidh Aananthaath Dvitheeyosi, Thvam Prathyaksham Brahmaasi, Thvam Gnaana Mayo Vignaana Mayosi


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