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Ashlesha Bali is done on Ashlesha Nakshatra to dispose of the terrible impacts of the kala sarpa dosha and awful impacts of blemishes planet. Performing Ashlesha Bali Pooja on Ashlesha Nakshatra days will viable and yield great outcomes. After the fruition of ashlesha bali pooja.Ashlesha Bali Homa - Book Homam and Pooja services online for your personal problem/Issues.

Key Insights:

  • • Performed for the individuals who have Kala sarpa dosha.
  • • Inconvenient deterrents or obstacles are evacuated.
  • • Performed on Ashlesha nakshatra day.
  • • Divinity worshiped: Rahu and Ketu.
  • • Fundamental fixing is Uddina Bele (Black Gram) and Hurali Kalu (Horse Gram).

Our Promise:

  • • Vedic Patashala confirmed and experienced clerics.
  • • All ceremonies take after Vedic Standards and Procedures.
  • • Superb samagri to guarantee a lovely Pooja encounter.
  • • Ensured Punctuality and Authenticity.
  • • Proficient Guidance and Support.

Ashlesha Bali Homa is performed on Ashlesha nakshatra so it's called Ashlesha Bali. Individuals experiencing the malefic impacts of kala sarpa dosha, which happens, when every one of the planets are canvassed in the middle of Rahu and Ketu ought to play out this homa.

Ashlesha Bali Homa is a capable solution for diminish the negative impacts caused by the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu.

At the point when to Perform Ashlesha Bali Homam?

This homa ought to be performed on Ashlesha nakshatra day to get the best outcomes. The Homa is more powerful when it is performed amid Karthika masam, Sravana masam and Margashira masam.

Advantages of Ashlesha Bali Homam:

Causes the individual to dispose of and beat the malefic impacts of Kala Sarpa Dosha.

Disposes of the negative impact of the Mars planet or the Mangal dosh.

Ashlesha bali homa is improved the situation Sarpadosha or Rahu ketu dosha nivruthi. The marriage related issues like postponing of marriage are cured by this homa. childless couples will get solid kid.

Technique: Pooja will be done in sarpa balimandala and kalasha pachamrutha abhisheka and pooja improved the situation silver naga sit out of gear homa wibe done in sarpa moolamantra and vedamantra. Sarpa sooktha japa likewise be finished. Ashtakula nadgas offered Apoopa, (kind of sweet) boild rice with turmeric powder bolls with ghee lights (deepam) in mandala as a bali naivedyam(food). Nagapratima danam and other homanga danas given.

Ashlesha Bali Pooja

Ashlesha Bali Pooja and Sarpa Samskara are two critical Sarpa Dosha Poojas that are done at Kukke Subramanya Temple. Ashlesha Bali for the most part goes on for two or three hours. It is called Ashlesha bali as it must be performed on Ashlesha Nakshatra. On the off chance that performed on different days it has no power.

Ashlesha Bali Puja or Ashlesha Bali pooja is one of the essential Kaalasarpa dosha pujas performed at Kukke Subramanya sanctuary. Master Subramanya is known as the defender from Kaalasarpa dosha and Kuja dosha. Kukke Sri Kshetra sanctuary is the most mainstream for Sarpadosha puja. Aslesha Bali puja is performed on Aslesha nakshatra in every month.

Aslesha Bali puja in Kukke Subramaya sanctuary will be performed in two movements - 7:00 AM and 9.15 AM. The individuals who need to play out this puja need to report for sankalpa with Purohita inside the sanctuary either at 7:00 am or 9.15 am. After the consummation of Homa Poornahuthi Puja, ashlesha bali pooja prasadam will be conveyed in the internal quadrangle itself. Fans trust Shravana Masa (Aadi Masam - starting late July and completion third seven day stretch of August), Karthika masa (starts with new moon in November), and Margashira masa (from November to December) are the most promising a very long time to perform Aslesha bali puja at Kukke sanctuary.


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